Learn about Arab Culture

image_main_03The Arab people are an amazing and wonderful people! Unfortunately, large barriers exist between U.S. and Arab cultures. One of the goals of Impact International is to eliminate these barriers. Through friendship and cultural exchange, we can build on a future of hope based on cultural respect and understanding.

Arabs have a rich and beautiful culture. Arab culture places a great deal of importance on the family and on the community. Many of the values in the Arab world have their roots in family and community structure. Arab art, music, and philosophy convey the rich perspective of Arab life and culture. Arab customs and traditions in all of their various forms express the beauty of the Arab people.

Arab culture and society have made many great contributions to the world’s development. The fields of medicine, mathematics, astronomy, language, architecture, agriculture, navigation, and geography have all benefited from Arab industry and genius. The Arab world is a significant cultural and economic force in world affairs.

The Arab culture is one of the most hospitable cultures in all of the world. Kindness, friendliness, graciousness, and thoughtfulness are all hallmark characteristics of the Arab people. Whether one visits the Middle East or whether they visit an Arab community in the U.S., hospitality, generosity and friendship are always experienced by the guest. The Arab culture is a beautiful culture. Through friendship and cultural exchange, we can eliminate the barriers between the U.S. and Arab cultures.